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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  August 5, 2017 5:30am-6:01am BST

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at home and abroad. in several cities, crowds gathered to protest against what that say is a creeping dictatorship, that's stifling the voice of opposition parties. the us attorney general, jeff sessions, has announced a major drive against what he called an explosive increase in leaks of classified government information under president trump. four people have already been charged and mr sessions said he would not hesitate to order more prosecutions. a british computer expert has appeared in court in the united states, charged with creating software to steal bank details. lawyers representing mark hutchins say he denies all the charges against him. prosecutors insist he has admitted writing and selling malware code. let's have a look at this morning's front pages. the daily mail leads with accusations that the national trust is exploiting the rights of their volunteers by making them wear gay pride badges.
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the daily express warns millions of holiday—makers heading to europe will face big delays due to passport checks. the telegraph headlines a claim from the prime minister's former aide nick timothy that the conservatives lost their majority because the party abandoned theresa may's promise of change. the guardian carries an interview with one of the medical team who treated charlie gard, the clinician blames politicians and religious leaders for interfering in the case. the sun headlines prince harry's visit to africa with megan markle where they'll celebrate her 36th birthday. the times features mo farah‘s triumph in the 10,000 metres. it also warns of threats to holidaymakers travelling to spain where anarchists accuse the travel industry of destroying barcelona and the balearic islands. now on bbc news it's time for the
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travel show. coming up on this week's travel show: ben is seeking out beats in pakistan. we are watching two beat boxers perform to an audience full of young people eating pizza and enjoying life whilst they are waiting for a rap group to come on. i'm getting my kicks in thailand. i am about to step in the ring with momo. he looks really mean. # spend my life in this sweet surrender... and we're hitting the high notes in manila. # this is a man's world. this is a country
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that some governments say you probably shouldn't visit as a tourist, pakistan. terror—related incidents, kidnappings and political turmoil have all taken their toll on the country's reputation. and as the country prepares to celebrate its 70th anniversary of independence, the travel show‘s benjamin zand packed his backpack and headed for karachi. i was in karachi, pakistan, on the search for some good news. as a man who likes music, like pretty much everyone else in the world i thought it would be a good place to start. so i decided it was time to check out karachi's music scene. historically, being a musician
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here has been hard. musicians and gigs have often been targeted by religious extremists. but i had heard that things were getting better and some great tunes and artists were coming out as a consequence. so on an insanely hot day injuly i find out more. 0n the breakfast show. official, on facebook, who is ultimately the control freak in yourcar? what are the radio rules? we have got simon who says, in my car i am the one in charge as i am the only one who sits in front. what is it like being a musician here? is it hard? it is but it has become a lot better to the point that we have actually come out and started doing more outdoor events. we have food festivals, we have music festivals. we have lots of concerts in the last year. people are not afraid any more to come out and go to a concert. what is the driving force?
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is that these kind of young musicians who are just like, i don't care, i'm going to be a musician? yes. there was a music festival that took place in lahore about a month ago. a week before the event there was a really tragic bomb blast took place in lahore so we had to figure out whether we were going to have the event or not these after that. we ultimately decided to do it. not out of any other reason than the fact that it should happen regardless of what is happening in the city. and that was amazing. i wanted to see for myself how pakistan was changing. and meet someone from this new era of artists. so i asked my new friends. i want to hear some rap. the name they gave me was ali gul pir. this is a really cool song by ali gul pir who is a comedian and rapper who has written about social class issues and stuff. so it is a good fun song. ali raps about society
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and social injustice. in this video, waderai ka beta, which went viral across pakistan, he raps about the issues the country has with feudalism. as a consequence he is now pretty famous and he agreed to meet me. are you ali? hey. nice to meet you. sorry for being late. long time. i know. how's it going? good, good, good. i feel like i'm meeting a superstar. you should not think that. i look like a bum. ali was jamming with his friends, preparing for a gig the following day. i talk about issues that we face as a society. it is something like there
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is a song about feudalism, feudal landlords and the power. there is another song about people who stare at women. i grew up with a single mother and i saw her face a lot of that growing up so i made a song about that. youtube was banned in pakistan so i made a song about that. there were times when i used to get death threats but ijust focused on the love that i got and i realised that if this is what i want to do for my future then i have to deal with that. do you get nervous when you go to these gigs? because something could happen? the situation right now is better but we have been through some tough times in the past. pakistan has been through a rough patch. we know that. that is the more reason
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why we need to perform, to entertain, to bring positivity. if somebody feels unsafe they should come over and watch the show and feel safe and loved and happy. ali wanted me to go with him to his gig so of course i said yes. we set off on a road trip. it was the first time ali would ever be playing in hyderabad and he was excited. and so was i. i left the band to go and prepare for the show elsewhere. i carried on to the location alone. music and food festivals aren't too common here in hyderabad. this is it. the hyderabad club. the place was packed. everyone is a lot younger than i thought. and this is also on a cricket pitch. i have never seen that before. while i was waiting for ali to arrive i made some friends. and eventually had a chat with the guy who arranged
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the whole thing. the view from a lot of people will be, pakistan shouldn't have music events because if they do the taliban will bomb them. people would not expect to see something like this in pakistan. is this what pakistan is like? most of pakistan is like this. all the negative aspects of that are shown in the media. we're not like that. we have families who come out and enjoy their lives. we're not intimidated by any wrong activities or terrorist activities. this could not be more different from the image most people get when you think of pakistan. we are watching two beat boxers perform to an audience full of young people eating pizza and enjoying life waiting for a rap group to come on. i only knowjustin bieber. you only knowjustin bieber? yes. i am a very great fan. you are a belieber? i am a belieber. # touch me like you do. # what are you waiting for? that was good.
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well done. thank you. soon ali and his band arrives. are you nervous? i am always nervous. i have done hundreds of shows but i still get nervous before a show. before he went on stage i decided to ask why he puts himself through all of this. by the end of the show i go home and i go like, great, i made them dance, and i made them think as well. a lot of people when they think of pakistan think of the taliban, terror, and they would think that being a musician would be difficult as a consequence. have they got it all wrong? my content gets me into trouble with some bad people but you can see a thousand people here having fun. and there is no taliban here. you don't have to be nervous about security because it happens and if it is going to happen it is going to happen. it has never happened. i have never been shot at while performing and stuff like that. i need to speak to these people.
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my audience is this. they are more or less the same people. they just want to survive and make a good living. they want to be happy. in the end of the day theyjust want to make a living. music gives them hope. we lack education. we lack proper employment. there is a lot of corruption. at the end of the day somebody goes back home happy, i think that's what i give them. a little bit of happiness, a little bit of hope. everyone should be a pioneer, right? it's no good to follow. you should lead. you should do something. that's where the risk is. it might not work, but if it does, it'll be
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the best. stay with us because coming up... i'm trying not to get knocked off my feet. look at his abs. that is ridiculous. and we're searching for singing stars in manila. # total eclipse of the heart. the travel show, your essential guide wherever you're heading. japan can lay claim to many crazes that have swept the world but now people in another country say they are responsible for one of japan's biggest entertainment exports. and they are just as passionate as the japanese about showing
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off their skills. so we took a trip to manila, philippines, to meet them. # this is a man's world. i'm 21 years old. i'm a physical therapy student. my passion is singing. singing is part of my everyday life. it makes me happy. it keeps me alive. we love to sing here in the philippines, karaoke. my ideal type of song to sing for an audience is something that speaks about love, something that speaks about broken hearts, because everybody has felt that. i'm the daughter of the inventor of the singalong system or karaoke.
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my father introduced the singalong system in the philippines in 1974. let me show you a sample of one of the singalong systems my father came outwith. with the introduction of the karaoke many filipinos were able to afford to have their own machine at home and it provided a new form of entertainment. there was a new set of venues to go to. we love to sing. an example of that is happening right now. we love to sing female pop belter songs, we love to sing that
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kind of stuff. we love to sing those high notes. it is part of our culture. it is getting late here in manila, it is already dark, it is the perfect time for a karaoke session. # i would stay awake just to hear you breathing, watch you smile while you are sleeping, while you're far away in dreaming... # i could spend my life
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in this sweet surrender, # i could stay lost in this moment forever. the filipinos really know how to sing. they have a voice. it has been proven all over the world that we have entertainment all over the world. they take a shower, they are singing. they wash their clothes, they are singing. it is part of filipino culture. # together we can take it to the end of the line nothing i can say, tote all clips of
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the heart. —— total eclipse. # total eclipse of the heart. finally this week, i am in bangkok. it is said to be developed by thai warriors. it became known as the art of something. hands, shins and elbows and needs are used as points of co nta ct elbows and needs are used as points of contact —— knees. they battle it out in towns across the country. 0nly out in towns across the country. only the best to make it here to the
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stadiums of bangkok. this is the stadiums of bangkok. this is the stadium that is the oldest of its sort. it has held many legendary battles a nd sort. it has held many legendary battles and tonight is no different. a lot of foreigners and tourists. you can watch several bouts made up of five rounds. the person who lands the most hits on an opponent ‘s body wins around. like boxing, you can
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wins around. like boxing, you can win by knockout. the atmosphere is amazing. you have the strong smell and the fighters are impressive. it is high octane. despite the popularity and the skill in fault, it has been granted recognition. fans hope it will be part of the 2020 games. these fighters are astonishing watching them up close and personal. some bright spark decided it was for me to try it out first hand. tomorrow i am heading over to a first hand. tomorrow i am heading overtoa camp first hand. tomorrow i am heading over to a camp that trains the fighters from all over thailand. i
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hope i don't come out the other end to banged up. i head 45 minutes to the north of bangkok to the gym where some of the country's top challengers train. you can stay at camps throughout the car —— thailand ladies but this is known as the top first. these guys at half. really, really calf. they are the best. —— they are task. really tough. they are made of tough stuff. these guys train twice a day. they are determined to make me sweat
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even more. it's all about balance. you think of leaning into a punch. the wait is evenly distributed. it's like breaking habits. it takes years to master the practice. i'm about to step in the ring with the top contender in japan. he step in the ring with the top contender injapan. he looks really mean. look at his abs. they look
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ridiculous! i have fair way to go yet. practice. going to call it a day. these guys are finely tuned. i have had the tiniest of training here. it's been absolutely amazing but my time here is done by hope you enjoyed my agony. coming up on next
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week ‘s travel show. we begin a journey from the far west of the south—east is india as the country celebrates 70 years of independence. if there is one defining legacy of british wool, the vast sprawling creaking the indian rail network. it is still the lifeblood of the country today. join us about if you can but don't forget you can follow us can but don't forget you can follow us wherever we can but don't forget you can follow us wherever we are can but don't forget you can follow us wherever we are in the world by joining our social media feeds. all of the details are on your screens and now. but from me and the rest of the team here in bangkok, thailand, it goodbye. hello, once again.
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whatever you have in mind this particular weekend, be it some rest or some play or, for some, just more work, you are going to have to keep a close eye on the weather front, because there is quite a mix on offer. it's not a write—off, many will see some sunshine at some point, but in that mix come heavy showers and longer spells of rain and it will feel disappointingly cooler. though the weekend is not starting on a cold note, temperatures in double figures in many areas. but from the word go we will have some heavy showers and thunderstorms initially in wales, and then by around the middle of the day off towards the midlands, and then they push towards east anglia and the south—east. just about missing the south—west
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i would have thought, further north you have your own lot of heavy showers across the south—eastern quarter of scotland and into the borders, and the eastern side of northern ireland too. elsewhere, variable amounts of cloud. having had that rather tempestuous start to the day, things will settle down, with one or two showers as you see through the midlands and into wales, all the while i think the southern counties, particularly in the south—west, get away with fewer showers, but they'll be there to be had, especially as that pulse of heavy showers moves on through the south—east, they could well affect the world championships. the evening events more likely to be dry. this ridge of high pressure comes through during the course of the night and into the first part of sunday, underneath that the showers quit the scene for the most part and the sky is clear and ends up being really rather chilly, especially in the countryside for the time of year. but for many that equates to a really dry, bright start, certainly in central and eastern areas.
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but more of this towards the west, another area of cloud, wind and rain. gradually working its way through northern ireland and pushing across the north channel into central and western parts of scotland and there will be the odd bit into the western side of wales, maybe a showery burst towards the west midlands. all of which is quite a long way away from the community shield, arsenal taking on chelsea, that should be fine and dry. increasingly cloudy and fine and dry for the most part. what news of the start of next week? low pressure yet again as was the case this week, into tuesday, we see these weather fronts just working their way down across the country, and the isobars running from the south, no heat wave, and if you are looking for settled weather for the holidays, look away now. hello, this is breakfast, with rogerjohnson and naga
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munchetty. marvellous mo farah wins his tenth straight athletics gold medal. he stormed his way to the 10,000 metre title — much to the delight of the home crowd and his children. here at the london stadium, mo wasn't the only star out on the track usain bolt began his bid for a 12th world title. he made it through his 100 metre heat to make today's semi finals. good morning. it's saturday the 5th of august. also ahead a british computer expert will spend the weekend in a u—s
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